Gas Shipper
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Continuous Quality Management

Gilmond’s Gas Shipper combines our excellent market messaging, demand forecasting and trade risk management systems into a multi-functional portal which can help you maximise the potential of your portfolio.

As well as assisting you, Gas Shipper allows you to share your portal with your suppliers, giving them the tools to gain specific intelligence into activity and business capability, which ultimately adds to your overall success. All wrapped up in UK-based cloud technology, Gas Shipper is available to you securely from any location.

So if you’re looking for continuous insight into what’s going on inside your shipper portfolio and the ability to share that with your customers, this product is for you.

Features For Shippers

  • Automated Support For Multiple Suppliers
  • Demand Forecasting
  • Dashboards
  • Gas Day Balancing
  • Trade Risk Management
  • Settlement And Invoicing
  • Meter Portfolio Insight

Features For Your Supply Customers

  • Trade Placement And Confirmation
  • Demand Forecast
  • Dashboards
  • Meter Insight

Dashboard – Planning at Your Fingertips

Our sophisticated dashboard takes the stress out of determining your next trade or operational action within your portfolio. It pulls everything together for a simple, at-a-glance view of your volume position in the days and months ahead, directly alongside all of your clients’ meter activity.

Trading – Continuous Quantity Management

Our trading feature seamlessly links with Gilmond’s Demand Forecaster, not only giving you access to manage the open position between trades and demand, but allowing you to record and capture counterparty trades all in one place. Nominating and confirming trades is automatic, and the ability to view both matched and unmatched transactions gives you the power to deal with any issues rapidly. You can view in-day, day ahead or any period beyond. Trading also gives you insight into the Mark to Market valuation on your open position, using real-time data.

Trade Risk Management – Power over Supplier Exposure

Trade Risk Management gives you the insight to help you future-proof your shipping decisions. By dialling directly into supplier systems’ contract-specific information, this feature assesses profitability and risk, based on supplier behaviour and Mark to Market valuation.

Demand Forecast – Educated Trading

Intelligently manage your position with the help of our forecasting feature. Helping to minimise imbalance over your entire portfolio, Demand Forecaster breaks insight down into daily volumes by supplier. Using operational data, forecasts constantly evolve to give relevant insight and create confident volume predictions.

Flow Processing – Simplified Supplier Data Flows

Decipher complex supplier data flows and automatically communicate with Xoserve through Flow Processing. Taking the hassle out of this complex and error-prone process (and fitting seamlessly with our other Gas Shipper features), our ‘Batch and Unbatch’ processor makes a seamless link between each supported supplier and the gas network as well as dealing with exceptions for validation. Every flow is available for inspection, if you so wish.

Settlement and Invoicing – Pain-free Cost Management

Our settlement and invoicing feature automatically processes all supplier invoice data. Calculating and apportioning charges and UIG for you, this feature takes the pain out of cost-tracking and management.

Meter Insight – Confident Activity Monitoring

A pair of eyes over all supplier industry transactions, Meter Insight helps you and your suppliers monitor transactions on a macro-level, or drill right down to individual meters. Meter Insight helps you inspect meter and flow activity, detect anomalies in supply processes and ensure supplier messages succeed, giving you the foundation to forecast and trade successfully.

Supplier Migration – Migration made Simple

With more shippers entering the market, competition is rising. If a supplier decides to switch to you, our Supplier Migration service takes care of this for you. As your trusted partner, we’ll assist through the process from start to finish.

Regulation Compliance – Transparent Compliance

Supporting you to achieve your obligations under the uniform network code (UNC), Regulation Compliance tells you about your current compliance situation, as well as telling your suppliers about their obligations. By alerting both shippers and suppliers, the entire process becomes efficiently transparent.

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