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Energy Supplier products, that fit perfectly with your business model.

SmartEBS - Energy Business Solution

We understand that managing an energy supply business needs a complete technology solution which covers all areas of operation together to deliver success.

Smart EBS is the only fully modular suite of energy applications capable of delivering a complete business solution or integrating into an existing system infrastructure.

A complete out-of-the-box offering, Smart EBS is designed specifically to enable energy supply businesses to operate effectively and efficiently. Reducing service complexity, bringing down the cost-to-serve for each customer enhances and protects operating margins whilst still delivering great customer service are the cornerstones of our flagship product.

We have some impressive results from our clients who tell us how this technology has transformed the way they deliver energy to the sector, which we'd love to share with you.

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Energy Bolt-ons

Market Flow

Energy Market Flows integrates with the Data Transfer Network (DTN), notifying your business processes of messages related to your customers.


Standing charges, rates per kWh, discounts and actual or estimated energy consumption recorded from customer meter readings.

Product Manager

Realise energy product pricing strategies with Energy Product Manager.


Energy Trader gives visibility of current energy prices and makes predictions on future price performance based on historical trends.

Demand Forecaster

Energy Demand Forecaster aggregates forecasts of the likely energy requirements of each individual customer contract.

Energy Market Flows

Interacting with the complex energy industry is challenging, and we are here to offer expert technology, knowledge and support to help make it as easy as possible for you.

Energy Market Flows integrates with Electralink’s Data Transfer Network (DTN) and/or XoServe’s Information Exchange (IX) Network to seamlessly coordinate data flows and business processes.

Our Smart Meter DCC adapter solution integrates Energy Market Flows with the Smart Meter DCC network to provide a complete end-to-end industry flow management solution.

Delivered from the Cloud, Energy Market Flows provides rapid access to market with excellent scalability. It’s a best of breed industry interaction system, handling all information exchanges required by suppliers to trade in both Electricity and Gas markets.

Energy Billing

Billing in the energy sector can be fraught with complex and challenging scenarios.

Our Billing engine provides an API-first, integration-led approach to the calculation and creation of customers’ monthly, quarterly and annual statements.

Using its powerful scheduling functionality to spread bill runs, feed it your customer data, standing charges, tariffs, discounts and actual or estimated energy consumption and it will produce clean, accurate bills every time.

Energy Product Manager

Realise energy product pricing strategies with Energy Product Manager.

Creating new energy products for market can be streamlined and simplified using Energy Product Manager. The system provides cost-based modelling of tariffs against underlying delivery costs, allowing for rules on margins and terms.

Energy Product Manager will generate concise national tariff pricing data for sharing with sales channels. It provides safety and security whilst enabling rapid reaction to market moves.

Energy Trader

Energy Trader gives visibility of current energy prices and traded position, enabling you to make decisions on future trades and energy movements.

In order to minimise imbalances and the charges that accompany them, the module allows you to control your traded, hedged and open positions. It provides you with a clear picture of open volume positions, value-at-risk, and mark-to-market values.

Easily manage forward price curves, and control the cost of the energy required to service the demand with Energy Trader.

Energy Demand Forecast

Energy Demand Forecaster generates forecasts of the predicted energy requirements of each individual customer contract, in both Gas and Electricity.

Energy Demand Forecaster helps build the bridge between customer sales activities and your buying requirements.

By predicting and analysing market and supplier sales data against industry factors and multiple projection algorithms, you can reduce the gap between what you hedge and what you need, enabling better profit predictability.