Supplier FlowsSupplier Flows

Interacting within a complex energy industry is challenging, and we are here to offer expert technology, knowledge and support to help make it as easy as possible for you. Our Supplier Flows product provides a seamless and reliable link between you and the industry to make sure you meet your interaction obligations and translate responses effectively and simply.

Product Features

  • Workflow-Driven Industry Interactions
  • Registration And Termination
  • Energisation, De-Energisation And Disconnection
  • Metering And Meter Agent Management
  • Exception And Alert Management
  • Half Hourly, Non-Half Hourly And Non-Daily Metered Exchanges
  • Integrates With Dtn, Xoserve, Spaa, Rgma, Proteus

Supplier Flows

Integrating with Electralink’s Data Transfer Network and/or XoServe’s Information Exchange (IX) Network, Supplier Flows orchestrates the data flows, business processes and information exchanges you’re required to complete, reducing your cost-to-serve and allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Our Supplier Flows product can work with our Smart EBS CRM system (or with your existing CRM system) to process registrations, supply faults, validated readings, withdrawals, debts, objections, meter exchange and erroneous transfers and so on. As it’s hosted in the Cloud, Supplier Flows also offers rapid access to market with excellent scalability. And it links with our Smart Meter solution to provide a complete end-to-end industry flow management solution.

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