My First Week at Gilmond

Since joining Gilmond as a Junior Software Developer, I have found myself introduced to an exciting new working environment, offering numerous opportunities for self-improvement.

The entire team has been friendly and welcoming, and days fly by as I am kept busy learning new concepts or implementing solutions within one of the many technology stacks. 

Right at the start, most of my time within teams was spent learning programming best practices to improve my ability to write ‘clean’ code (learning the practical application of applying SOLID principles for example or employing the knowledge of more experienced devs who always appear happy to help). I’m now beginning to provide solutions to increase the efficiency of existing internal business processes or add new features to some of our externally utilised software, among any number of other tasks. All with the aim of providing an increasingly competitive energy market for consumers. 


Gilmond Running Club


Daily stand-ups, motivated colleagues and a culture of openness and respectability within the organisation enables an environment that encourages close communication with more experienced developers and means I feel I am offered the support I need without ‘treading on toes’ or slowing anyone down. I really feel like I’m moving forward in my career here. 

Finally, I look forward to turning up each day to write software at Gilmond and am able to realise the benefits the company has to offer every day!