Our monthly update on what’s happening in the Energy Tech sector, including news, developments and events that caught our interest.

This month there's something of a decentralised energy theme...

Demand Response

Shell's been on something of a spending spree lately with announcements in February that they've acquired Limejump, the London based provider of utility aggregation and balancing services to the National Grid. This follows Shell's earlier announcement of their acquisition of Sonnen, which produces energy storage systems for private households and small businesses (more later).

Meanwhile, Limejump competitor GridBeyond won Frost & Sullivan’s 2019 Technology Innovation Award for Excellence in European Demand Side Response for the development of their intelligent energy technology platform that enables industrial and commercial consumers to participate in enhanced energy services and programmes. Who will it be next year?

Decentralised Energy

So to Shell's acquisition of Sonnen. It feels like we're at a tipping point when a century-old, global fossil fuel brand such as Shell invests in our low carbon, clean energy future. With the world's future depending on sustainability and efficiency it's exciting and interesting to see Shell and others invest in innovative organisations and technologies. #OurPlanetNeedsUs

Centrica announced their plan to combine roof-top solar with battery storage which it projects could realise 4.5GW of flexible capacity - around half of the UK's current combined nuclear generation capacity.


EDF Energy's Project Community will trial peer-to-peer energy trading at a social housing estate in south London.

Similar to the Brooklyn Microgrid run by LO3 Energy since 2017, residents of Elsmore House in Brixton will enjoy lower electricity bills while they generate, use, store and trade their own electricity with other residents.