Vision & Mission

Our mission and vision are our guiding light, for what we are doing now at Gilmond, and what we aspire to be.

Supporting these, and equally important are our values. These give more information as to who we are, as well as explaining in more detail how we are going to achieve our mission on a daily basis. They also guide our staff development processes.


To be the UK’s energy software provider of choice, providing differentiation and innovation, wrapped up in excellent customer support. Empowering energy suppliers to be even better at what they do.


Transforming software services to mobilise a competitive energy market for all.


People First

Whilst our products are vital to our business, it is our people that make what we do successful – through tenacity, dedication and passion. We treat everyone how we want to be treated ourselves.

Experience is Key

The experience that our customers have with us, from the very first contact to ongoing support should be of the highest quality. Everyone knows what this experience should look like, and their part in that journey.

We Love our Products

At Gilmond we put a lot of love into our products and we’re proud of our pedigree as a key part of our clients’ success stories.

Driving Innovation

We don’t stand still – innovation is an intrinsic part of what we do. Always pushing to improve and be the best version of ourselves, we constructively challenge our products against our excellent knowledge of market trends. Ideas are encouraged and always welcome.

Our Planet Needs Us

As well as caring about our universe, we are continually aware of our effect on our external environment and all take responsibility for sustainability in the business.