Your Business

New Entrants

If you’re thinking of starting a supplier, or becoming a generator, talk to us about how we can get you started:

Industry Accreditation

The energy and gas market is awash with licences, accreditations and obligations. Let us take your business through a stable and predictable accreditation for electricity (MRASCo/BSC) whilst working with you to put everything else you know about (and some things you don’t!) in place.

Licenced Entity

If you’re already well prepared, you can enter the market faster with our ‘supplier in a box’ solution. Fully accredited limited companies, ready to supply energy the day you are.

Supplier Software

We also offer our complete, all-in-one technology solution, Smart EBS, which gives you all the software you need to run an energy company.

Find out more about SmartEBS here

Managed Services

If you’re looking to offload the complexity of operating in the industry, our managed service teams can operate your gas and electricity flows, as well as drive your billing process.

Let the experts take the pain of operation until you’re ready to take it on.

Established Suppliers

We pride ourselves on finding innovative ways to help alleviate what’s hindering you. If you’re an established supplier of gas or electricity, with an existing software architecture in place, we have the ideal solution for you.

The modules of our SmartEBS platform can be simply plugged into your system, using our API-first approach, allowing you to enhance your service offering or meet your industry obligations through a system which can integrate with your existing software.

Whether it’s tackling the pains of regulation compliance, reputation and complaints or enabling technical scale or business growth, talk to us and see whether we can help you find a solution.

Gas Shippers (or suppliers who want to ship gas)

Gilmond’s Gas Shipper solution provides a one-stop-shop for the operational flow management responsibilities of being a shipper, blended with risk management, trade visualisation and demand forecasting. The first ‘Shipper in a box’!

Find out more about Gas Shipper here

Smart Meter Integrators

Looking to do something innovative with smart meters without being a supplier? Our innovative, cloud-based DCC Adapter platform can enable you to become a DCC Other User, and add smart power to your applications.

Find out more about our Smart Meter platform here

Solutions for Generators

If you have a portfolio of embedded generation and want to optimise your return, our Supplier Flows platform and managed services can provide a cost-effective way to get your power to market, and enable a flexible trading model.

To find out more about the platforms we have available, and their function, please click on the ‘Products’ menu item.

Find out more about Supplier Flows here