Life at Gilmond


Duncan, Software Developer (Graduate)

“Working for Gilmond has been a life changer for me. I started here with a Games Development degree and was certain all I wanted to do was games. One thing I’ve realised is that it’s more important to be in the right environment, and Gilmond has certainly exceeded my expectations. Each different team has its own unique atmosphere, but they all share the same healthy attitude towards work and striving to be best.”

Khang, QA Professional (Placement)

“Working at Gilmond is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to see one of the best workplaces in Bournemouth. It helps people gain new experiences, as well as offering the chance to carve a strong career path by teaching staff new techniques, whoever they are and whenever they need it, and never standing still. I enjoy the way we work as a united group - we have daily stand ups where people can talk freely about anything that is blocking their performance. Our other meetings allow anyone the chance to speak freely about experiences and thoughts on how to improve. This makes your daily basic work not only enjoyable, but also makes you always want to do more.”


Laura, Software Developer (Internship)

“Working at Gilmond is the perfect opportunity to get to grips with the real world of work as a software engineer. I went into my internship with experience in different software languages to those used at Gilmond, but with the fantastic help of my colleagues, I was able to learn to use entirely new languages and concepts within just 12 weeks! I learnt so much, and it was great to experience the Agile approach in action, holding daily stand ups, reviews, retrospectives and planning, and generally feeling like part of the team from day one. As far as expectations go, I was pleasantly surprised at how relaxed and fun an office environment can be, while at the same time working on really innovative products. After my internship, I am now excited and looking forward to the future and what will come after my final year at university!”