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The Complete Energy Supplier Platform

Smart EBS is our complete technology solution for the energy sector. It is the only fully modular suite of energy applications of its kind that can operate on its own or integrate into existing system infrastructures.

Providing all operational management tools in one place, Smart EBS reduces the complexity of having various technology products by housing them together, allowing you to see all business functions in one place. It also uses Cloud technology, allowing you gain data or insight anywhere in the world whilst still maintaining security.

Smart EBS takes the hassle out of operations, bringing down the cost-to-serve for each customer and protecting operating margins whilst delivering great customer service. So you can then focus on differentiating yourself in the market and gaining that competitive edge.

Product Features

  • Complete Energy Solution
  • Smart Meter Ready
  • Run An Entire Energy Company With One Product

The Entire Customer Retail Life-Cycle

Smart EBS tools cover all areas, from quotation through to billing:

Risk Manager

Demand Forecaster - minimise imbalances and accompanying charges in demand volumes. Manage traded, hedged and open positions.

Trader – Access and control open positions between trades and demand. Record and capture counterparty trades all in one place.

Product Manager - cost-based modelling of tariffs against underlying delivery costs, allowing you to set rules on margins and terms.

Customer Facing

My Account - online account services which link directly into existing website systems. Enhancing customer experience.

Quoter – responsive and flexible platform to fit the quoting process perfectly with sales strategy.

Market Flows

Supplier Flows - Automatically capture, manage and process registration, energisations, changes of agent, changes to metering system, supply fault information/meter irregularities for electricity and gas. Detailed analysis of value-at-risk and mark-to-market position.

Smart Meter - reduces the complexity of managing interactions with SMETS2 smart meters, in-home displays and the DCC infrastructure.

Energy Relationship Manager

Billing - quick and effective management of customer accounts from setting up billing through to application of contract rates and invoice management.

Smart EBS CRM - Robust and reliable transition and customer journey management.

A System Built for Volume

Smart EBS can manage half-hourly metered and non half-hourly metered customers, or a mix of the two. Not only that, but the solution holds all the required data in a structured, industry standard relational database to maximise system performance.

Gilmond has stress-tested Smart EBS to 200,000 non-half-hourly metered MPANS and has been shown to deliver reliable, efficient performance throughout the contract life-cycle.

Compatible with Existing Systems

Concerned about running different systems? Smart EBS, as with all Gilmond products, come with APIs both within the system and out to upstream and downstream processes, so you can dovetail our technology into any supply business operation.

The system can also link, or automatically integrate data with:

  • Existing website systems
  • Accounting and finance systems

Smart EBS is also fully SMETS and Nexus compatible.

Product Manager Quoter CRM My Account Billing Smart Meter Demand Forecaster Gas Shipper Trader Supplier Flows