Product ManagerProduct Manager

Create new, innovative and competitive gas and electricity energy products for market simply with our unique Product Manager platform.

Product Manager provides cost-based modelling of tariffs against underlying delivery costs, allowing you to set rules on margins and terms. Just feed it your industry data and it will provide you with a cost stack for your entire portfolio, even by region (GSP or LDZ), or consumption band. You can then understand negative margins and set competitive tariffs based on margin or competitor targets, or even by your growth aspirations.

Share the data on your electricity or gas supply with your sales teams and generate a competitive and educated tariff setting. You can even publish your new tariffs or product directly to our Quoter platform (or your existing online quotation platform) or price comparison sites.

Product Features

  • Cost Base Protection
  • Tariff Generation And Cost Management
  • Margin Analysis By Region
  • Publication And Retraction Of Products

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