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Once acquired, keeping customers engaged needn’t be difficult or costly. Gilmond’s Online Account helps customers help themselves, and aims to reduce the overhead of delivering great Customer Service to the masses.

Product Features

  • API first approach
  • Responsive User Experience
  • Secure
  • High Availability

Detailed Features

  • SMART Ready
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Consumer Feedback
  • Reduced Cost to Serve

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Cloud hosted. Gilmond standard authentication. Log in from anywhere.

High Availability

Online Account sits in the Cloud, so unlike many similar solutions, it can continue to run 24/7, regardless of upgrades or downtime in existing back end IT systems.

Responsive Design & Native Mobile Application

Use on your preferred device - desktop, laptop, tablet or even your phone. Tailor the look and feel to match your own brand and tone, or create your own UX using the benefits of our RESTful API.

Secure By Design

Constant vulnerability checking every time a line of code is changed. In-house CREST accredited testers. External independent security audits. Azure hosting… managed.

RESTful API & Integrator SDK

Gilmond API first approach delivers the Online Account RESTful API, enabling Energy Retailers to make use of the functionality, while delivering their own User Experience.

SMART Meter Ready Usage

Whether your customer has a Credit, Prepayment, or Smart Meter installed, Online Account allows customers to see what they’ve used, what they’re predicted to use, and what their patterns of usage are.


For those without SMETS2 Meters, customers can provide readings for their Gas and Electricity Meter Points, and easily see whether their readings have been submitted, validated or rejected.

GDPR Compliance & Priority Services Register

Putting the power in customers hands, Online Account provides the ability to choose whether they want to be communicated with. It also provides the ability to request a SAR (Subject Access Request).

Online Account also provides customers with the ability to view and update their information for the Gas and Electricity Priority Services Registers.

Consumer Feedback

Support for NPS & TNPS is also available in Online Account, allowing brands to use the tooling to gain feedback from their customers, and respond to changes in customer needs.

My Account Messages
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Account Health

Helping customers to help themselves is a significant element of Online Account. At the appropriate times, customers can be alerted to the fact they need to address an issue with their contracts, such as the need to provide meter readings, setup or change their Direct Debit, validate their email address, provide landlord details, and when its time to renew their contract.

Bills & Payments

Offering a truly digital experience, Online Account provides customers simple access to their Monthly, Quarterly and Annual Statements. It also provides a view of payments already made, and payments due to be made. Customers can see the amount and how the payment was made.

Messaging & Help

The FAQ system is at the heart of Online Account, putting information at customers fingertips, helping to reduce the need to contact your Customer Service Teams, and effectively reduce the cost to serve. Should your FAQ’s not answer the customers question, Online Account also provides a mechanism for messages to be exchanged between the customer and you the supplier. Messaging also provides customers with a chronological view of the communications exchanged between both parties in a modern recognisable fashion.

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