Smart Meter

Smart Meter

DCC Adapter

Smart Meter DCC Adapter reduces the complexity of managing interactions with SMETS2 smart meters, in-home displays and the DCC infrastructure - giving you the room to take advantage of smart capabilities and differentiate on energy products and standards of customer care.

  • Assessed by Deloitte
  • Independently verified by NCC Group
  • Validated by the department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy

Integrator SDK

Gilmond's expertise in energy business processes and all stages of the customer lifecycle already powers energy supply businesses like yours. That knowledge is built into our smart meter orchestrations simplifying complex scenarios like Change of Supplier and Meter Exchange.

Product Features

  • Business process orchestrations minimise the complexity of smart meter interactions exposed to your application
  • ​Full DCC endpoint support
  • Secure, authenticated access
  • Extensive, inspectable logging of requests and responses
  • Zero obligation assessment


Direct contact with Gas and Electricity smart meters in either credit or prepayment modes are supported, alongside simplified orchestrated processes for many standard uses of Smart Meters.

  • Installation and commissioning
  • Change of Supplier - Gain and Loss
  • Meter certificate management
  • Change of Tenant
  • Change of Meter
  • Change of Tariff - for credit and prepayment meters
  • Prepayment smart meters - top-up, switch from or to credit meter mode

DCC and smart meter emulation

While emulation's not always a substitute for real devices it's essential when you want a fast, repeatable and zero cost way of testing your integration and back-office processes. Take advantage of this before even the earliest of DCC mandated test phases ahead of End-To-End testing, avoiding DCC lead times.

Managed service

Reduce setup and management costs with our managed, fault tolerant smart meter cloud service backed by Microsoft Azure for resilience and security. As you'll need a dedicated fibre line to connect directly to DCC we have you covered with a secure, cost-effective line sharing option. Alternatively if you'd prefer the service operated with DCC over your own dedicated fibre we can do that, too.

Extensive ​telemetry and analytics

Every meter and DCC interaction going through the Gilmond Smart Meter platform is audited for continual insight into your smart meter estate, measurement of the service against KPIs and independent auditing.

Threshold and anomaly detection and resolution

Define the conditions for when business process warning and quarantine levels are reached, preventing fraudulent or malicious behaviour from acting on your smart meter estate. Your authorised personnel are able to manage the detected anomaly - for example repeated or excessive top-ups - then resume or discard as they see fit.

Secure by design

From risk assessed architecture design to vulnerability scanning for every new and changed line of code, we pride ourselves on smart technology choices such as Azure ECDSA encryption key storage and the security assessments of our Smart Meter DCC Adapter, as we do every Gilmond product.

Change doesn't stop and neither do attempts to compromise systems. That's why we continuously run risk and threat assessments allowing us to carefully plan and control how system change is accepted. We pride ourselves in having first class developers and certified test professionals in-house. But we don't just mark our own homework - we contract independent and impartial security testing for our and your assurance.

Assistance through testing and audit

As a DCC User you have obligations to the Smart Energy Code (SECAS), gated test phases mandated by DCC, ISO compliance, security subcommittee inspection and an independent security audit are ahead of you. That's quite a lot to get to grips with and we understand how daunting it can seem.

The good news is we've been through all of it - and passed first time. Our DCC SMKI and DCCKI testing tools capture all service requests and responses needed for test evidence submission. Our experience and advice comes as part of the package, on hand to assist you every step of the way.