From your initial point of contact to the last, Customer Manager provides a consolidated yet detailed view of your customers, their contracts and their history.

With its proven history, SmartEBS’ Customer Manager provides users with an informative interface helps all areas of your service delivery function to deliver excellent customer service. From the initial point of contact with the customer to the last, Customer Manager gives users an unparalleled view of everything that happens with the customer, from the initial creation of a Contract, to Flow and Meter Reading timeline and Communication History.

Once a customer is on supply, it is crucial that their account is properly administered and maintained. Customer Manager module enables users to quickly and effectively process and manage every aspect of the account from setting up billing and payment data profiles, through applying variations of the contract rates and volumes all the way through to invoice management.

Customer Manager also facilities the attaching of additional charges to the customer, such as payments for site surveys, meter installation and removal, meter accuracy tests, abortive visits and out-of-hours visits, change of tenancy refunds and compensation.

Product Features

  • Security driven model - select what individual users can see
  • View All of your Domestic, SME and Large Customers in a single view
  • View information of each Customer including:
    • Billing and Contact Preferences inc. GDPR Consent
      • Billing Contacts
      • Billing Postal Address
      • Email Address
    • Contract Information
      • Current, Expired and Future Contracts
      • Invoices and Statements
      • Payments
      • Additional Charges
      • Payment Arrangements
      • Payment Plan with History
      • Taking of ad-hoc Card Payments
      • Renewal Offers
    • Communications
      • Customer Notes and Email History
      • Internal Notes
      • Ad-hoc sending/replying of Notes via My Account
    • Energy Usage - Predicted and Actual
    • Meter Point Information
      • Market Flows Insight
    • Meter Reading Data and Capture
    • Priority Services Registers
    • Workflow History

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