Billing in the energy sector can be fraught with complex and challenging scenarios. Our Billing engine provides an API-first, integration-led approach to the calculation and creation of customers’ monthly, quarterly and annual statements.

Using its powerful scheduling functionality to spread bill runs, feed it your customer data, standing charges, tariffs, discounts and actual or estimated energy consumption and it will produce clean, accurate bills every time.

Our API lead billing engine uses RESTful calls to provide seamless integration for energy bill generation to other platforms, such as CRM or ERP solutions. Decoupling the complex task of billing and bill calculation from those systems enables a best of breed billing solution to augment existing supplier technology easily and safely.

Designed to minimise the total number of unbilled accounts by maximising the science, prediction, data management and calculation capabilities the solution creates accurate bills providing end customer delight, and assures revenue within the supply chain.

Using validation, estimation and calculation it creates bill documents or returns the statement invoice data direct to your platform for inclusion in your billing process. This billing engine has been proven over the years by producing 120,000 bills per quarter and over 1 million bills to date.

Product Features

  • Handles Energy Use Volume Calculations, Payments Made And Charges
  • Projects Estimated Reads For Both Fuels
  • Handles Rollover, Rollback, Negative Advance
  • Handles Bill Size Tolerance
  • Generates Billing Alert Codes Where Bills Cannot Be Generated
  • Combines Multi Site Invoices Into Statements Into Bills
  • Generate Pdf Visual Bills

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