Want to gain a competitive edge? Energy Quoter is a unique platform that delivers complete flexibility of style and design, allowing you to fit your quoting process perfectly with your sales strategy.

Combining XoServe and ECOES meter data and the power of Experian’s Quick Address Search tools, Energy Quoter easily identifies the types of meter the customer has, so that the most applicable tariffs can be displayed to them reduce risk of a difficult on-boarding. Energy Quoter also allows manual entry and verification of electric and gas meter should address data not return dual fuel matches.

Taking advantage of third party Comparison Providers (or your own competitor data), Energy Quoter allows potential customers to select their existing supplier, input their usage in different ways and see how much they can save by switching to you.

Product Features

  • Gas And Electricity Meter Point Search
  • Price Comparisons
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Dual And Single Fuel Compatible
  • Winter Weighting

Using our API-first approach, you can fit the platform into your existing software IT systems, not only meaning seamless integration, but an ability to design the quotation process to fit your customer journey. This will allow you to complement and enhance the experience of your customers, giving you the opportunity to differentiate your business in a highly crowded market.

The responsive design and support of the Cloud gives your customers access any time on any device, so Quoter is always available to sell for you, despite any internal IT systems.

Once a sale has been made, Quoter can link with your existing systems, or with our Supplier Flows product to handle the sign up process.


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