Product Owner/Manager – Up to £40k depending on experience

A Product Manager is a vital role within an agile development studio, providing the bridge between customer and product development team, and providing inspirational leadership and decision making.

This extends from increasing the profitability of existing products to developing new products for Gilmond and its customers, driving product development from existing ideas, and helping to develop new ideas based on changing industry needs and behaviours.


  • Researching the Market, and understanding the needs of existing and potential customers
  • Creating buy-in for the product vision both internally and with key external partners
  • Developing product pricing and positioning strategies
  • Translating product strategy into detailed requirements and prototypes
  • Gain a deep understanding of customer experience, identify and fill product gaps and generate new ideas that grow market share, improve customer experience and drive growth
  • Scope and prioritise activities based on business and customer impact
  • Work closely with teams to deliver in agreed timeframes
  • Drive product launches including working with the Executive Team, Product Management, Sales and Marketing
  • Act as a product evangelist to build awareness and understanding
  • Represent the company by visiting customers to solicit feedback on company products and services
  • Aid in the creation of RFP’s, and present to customers where required
  • Control the P&L for the Product to ensure that it is delivered within budget, and that profit can be realised where possible

Team Inspiration

  • Inspire the team and all stakeholders with your overarching vision on what you think needs to be delivered to accomplish the company’s strategic goals, and why you think this is the right approach
  • Bring together disparate and competing priorities from all stakeholders into a clear, compelling operating roadmap for the team
  • Optimise the value of the work performed
  • Be prepared to be wrong; Call out assumptions and test them with real customers as quickly as possible
  • Influence the team toward a continuous improvement and experimentation culture for both product and process, ensuring that each iteration becomes more effective and enjoyable

Backlog Management

  • Along with the Head of Product, manage the Product Backlog
  • Ensure the team understands items in the Product Backlog to the level needed
  • Ensure the team is focused on building the right thing at the right time
  • Ensure the team has a safe environment in which to experiment, learn, collaborate and challenge ideas
  • Negotiate scope and priorities with the team, both between iterations and during them, as more is learned
  • Collaborate with the team on each Iteration’s objectives and understanding the work involved, making trade-offs where necessary

Customer Facing

  • Understand the customers’ needs and how they align with the products vision
  • Monitor progress toward customer and business goals, ensuring the team’s progress toward these, and artefacts representing this progress, are visible and transparent to all stakeholders, at least in the Iteration Review; Remember that ‘Working software is the primary measure of progress’, and that ‘working software’ is not just software that works but is ‘software that contributes value to customers and Gilmond’s product strategy
  • Continuously validate via customer/user conversations, testing, research and analytics that the product is on the right path, and be prepared to change tactics when appropriate
  • Use collaborative approaches to understanding customer needs and evaluating solution options, such as workshopping, story mapping and story slicing
  • Ensure that each ‘done’ increment of product/service represents an end-to-end user scenario – something of value to an end user (e.g. a capability is given to a user that they didn’t have before)


  • Decide when to release the product/service as it stands (i.e. all ‘done’ increments), negotiating with peers and other stakeholders where necessary
  • Employ an iterative and incremental approach to delivering solutions - in addition to upholding the three pillars of empiricism: transparency, inspection and adaptation - to optimise predictability and control risk
  • Given constraints such as fixed cost, time or scope, look to generate options and defer commitment to one option as long as possible; Options have value
  • Continuously improve the way you and your peers work, such that shared goals can more effectively be met
  • Understand and practice agility
  • Help the team evolve their ‘Definition of Ready’ and ‘Definition of Done’ to incrementally improve quality of customer outcomes and traceability to business outcomes


  • Facilitate and drive excellent communication within the team, acting as conduit rather than barrier or control point for discussion and decision making
  • Foster and encourage face-to-face conversation and collaboration such as swarming, pairing, mobbing and workshopping
  • Always be able to articulate the current customer need your team is trying to meet, what they are doing to accomplish that and what they intend to do next
  • Work with the Product Management Team to increase the effectiveness of product delivery and its application within the principles of Agile in the organisation
  • Act as the focal point for product teams to ask questions, get valid and timely answers and enables progression
  • Ensures a team dynamic where work can be criticised but individuals not 

Person Specification

You must possess a unique blend of business and technical savvy; as well as the drive to make the businesses vision a reality. You must enjoy spending time in the market to understand their problems, and find innovative solutions for the broader market. 

By applying value-based thinking and creating product development initiatives that are achievable but valuable, the Product Manager drives the product forward with verve and creativity along with a degree of pragmatism.

The Product Manager should be someone who always listens and is always present.

Someone who demonstrates empathy and respect for people’s situation, role, ideas and needs. Someone who always helps the team to have a similar focus. Someone who encourages simplicity over complexity, and who tells stories that inspire rather than treating the Product Backlog as a queue of tasks to be done.

Someone who always encourages software craftsmanship to thrive; never infers or imply that teams should sacrifice the quality of their solutions for a quick win.

Someone who recognises that speed of progress is about choosing the right things, working in small increments of value, embracing feedback/learning and delivering with technical excellence rather than ‘increasing velocity’.

Someone who is a ‘true North’ for the team, but always value their input in how to move forward.

Skills Knowledge & Experience

Required qualifications, knowledge and skills for the role; e.g 

  • Demonstrable experience of product management in agile product led studios
  • Qualified to degree level or equivalent
  • Proven people skills in a customer facing environment
  • Demonstrable knowledge of energy retail markets
  • Excellent analytical and interpretive skills
  • Strong influencing skills across all levels including senior management
  • Experience of Agile based planning techniques
  • Business Analysis skills desirable
  • A drive for excellence over satisfaction

What we offer:

  • Salary of up to £45,000 (depending on experience) + benefits
  • Exceptional Development Opportunities
  • Fantastic working environment in offices with sea views in central Bournemouth
  • 22 day holiday + bank holidays
  • Pension Contribution Plan
  • Childcare Vouchers
  • Cheap city centre parking option
  • Free hot and cold drinks and fruit bowls replenished daily

To apply for any of our vacancies, please send your CV, a covering letter and your salary expectations to, quoting the job title.

To apply for any of our vacancies, please send your CV, a covering letter and your salary expectations to, quoting the job title.