Gilmond Goes Live with Smart Meter Support!

Smart Meters! The words on everyone’s lips in the energy industry right now! As a team, we’re excited to be working on the smart meter solution for Glimond’s clients and want to share news of our progress…

Having worked on SMETS2 support in the earlier part of the year, in the last few weeks we’ve been heavily focused on developing SMETS1 features for SmartEBS in readiness for our clients launch, the main features being:

  • Features to onboard existing consumers who have smart meters in ‘traditional’ mode – we call this ‘smartifying’….
  • Acquiring new smart meter consumers via Gilmond’s Quoter platform
  • Receiving consumption readings for those meters into SmartEBS

The Journey

Lots of work has gone into this. There has been lots of mob coding, pairing, late nights over slack, cursing, and some heated words at times! 😊

We’ve applied all of Gilmond’s usual agile principles during our development process, using scrum methodology, continuous integration, and behavioural driven development to automate our testing as standard, but the real learning has been to understand how to interact with the real-world implementation of both generations of meters. Some of it feels like a big puzzle!

Some of the challenges we solved along the way:

  • Integrating with third party providers
  • Getting past firewall issues
  • Dealing with inconsistent industry data
  • Acquisition variations
  • Tariff conversions

Here are some of the moments along the way:

Some Designs...


The workboards

The workboards...


Pairing on the problems

Pairing on the problems


Live Sprint Review Demo

Live Sprint Review Demo

Going Live

Within SmartEBS release 77, our client now has fully automated support for both acquiring new SMETS1 smart meter consumers, and ‘smartifying’ existing SmartEBS customers.

  • We onboarded the first set of SMETS1 meters on 30 October
  • We’ve seen consumption readings flow into SmartEBS and be sent to industry for validation
  • The first set of meters are now live on SmartEBS and we’re handing over the keys softly to the client

Looking Forward

In the next few weeks, we have some further features to build to support our client’s SMETS1 rollout, (such as objection handling and termination scenarios) but we’re really excited to start making progress on our live testing in the Arquiva lab on our budding SMETS2 solution.

The lead up until Christmas will be really important for us as were looking to start testing with other Cos Gain/Loss test parties on the SMETS2 solution, and continue developing features to enhance SmarttEBS’ support for the wider smart metering programme.