Who We Are

David Teague - Head of Product

David Teague

David joined Gilmond in 2015, having spent over 20 years delivering solutions using Microsoft Stack technologies. Having had zero exposure to the supply of gas and power, David has spent the last three years embracing the weird and the wonderful that the space has to offer, and to his own admission, his head hasn’t stopped spinning!

As David explains himself, “everyday is a learning day, we work in an industry full of acronyms, and the last three years have been the most exciting and eventful of my career.” He sees the changes happening across the industry, spearheaded by Ofgem and the evolution of EV’s and battery storage as being a fantastic opportunity for Gilmond to help suppliers and generators bring about change. He said, “we’re starting to really see technology play a greater part in the sector, and we are excited to now be part of the conversation.”

In his spare time, David is a keen golfer, but is struggling to get out and play these days, as his three-year old son and one-year old daughter take up all of his spare time. If customers or partners want to talk about our products and services, apparently he’s happy to discuss while on the course!